Welcome to the City Pub Company

If you are looking for individual pubs with great character, fantastic beer, delicious food and excellent service - look no further than The City Pub Company.
We have great pubs in wonderful locations in Southern England; from Oxford to Cambridge, Norwich to Stratford upon Avon and from Bath to Brighton, as well as some of the most delightful parts of London.

Outstanding Beer

Our pubs are the perfect place to enjoy a broad and interesting range of fantastic cask-conditioned and craft beers. All our houses have a good range of local cask ales - and we even have three micro-breweries of our own, brewing some great beers for many of our sites!
We also offer an interesting range of bottled beers, craft ales and lagers from around both the UK and across the world, and regularly host beer festivals and other beer centric events across the year. Some of our pubs even have their own beer clubs.

Delicious Fresh Food

Whether you are looking for excellent lunches and dinners, or lighter dishes and sharing plates, we have tempting menus of delicious dishes freshly prepared at every pub by our talented chefs and their teams.
We also have lovely function rooms in most of our sites for private parties and events which we would be more than happy to cater for. 


Great People

No great pub experience is complete without great people - and we pride ourselves in offering truly excellent service in all of our pubs. We have well motivated and highly experienced managers running all of our pubs and a great team of house and kitchen staff working with them.
We are also a great place to work and always looking for good talented managers and staff to work in our team. 

About Us

We are a small, but excellent, pub company that started life at the end of 2011. In fact we are not one, but two companies - the City Pub Company East and the City Pub Company West, both with a great portfolio of pubs. East's pubs are more to the east, and West more to the west of our trading geography (funilly enough!).

We were created by Clive Watson, David Bruce and John Roberts, all three highly experienced pub and drink entrepreneurs. We pride ourselves in employing only the top people and running the best pubs for beer, food and atmosphere in the towns and cities in which we operate. We currently have seventeen very well located free houses in delightful towns and cities in southern England.

We are passionate about our beer and passionate about our food, and we like a lovely, relaxed ambiance and friendly service alongside this – we think this is the perfect combination for perfect pubs! We hope you agree.

Our Pubs
East meets West

  • image-the-bath-brew-house
    The Bath Brew House
  • image-the-cork
    The Cork, Bath
  • image-the-lighthouse
    The Lighthouse, Battersea
  • image-the-roundhouse
    The Roundhouse, Wandsworth
  • image-alfies-freehouse-and-garden
    Alfie's Freehouse, Winchester.
  • image-the-lion-and-lobster-brighton
    The Lion & Lobster, Brighton
  • image-the-mill
    The Mill, Cambridge
  • image-the-church-street-townhouse
    Church St Townhouse, Stratford
  • image-st-aldates-tavern
    St Aldates Tavern, Oxford
  • image-the-cambridge-brew-house
    The Cambridge Brew House
  • image-the-phene
    The Phene, Chelsea
  • image-georgian-town-house-norwich
    Georgian Town House, Norwich
  • image-cock-and-bottle-notting-hill
    Cock & Bottle, Notting Hill
  • image-dalys-wine-bar-london
    Daly's, The Strand, London
  • image-temple-brew-house-london
    Temple Brew House, London
  • image-nell-gwynne-the-strand-london
    Nell Gwynne, The Strand, London
  • image-st-andrews-brew-house-norwich
    St Andrews Brew House, Norwich

Working for Us

The City Pub Company is a great business to work for and has many opportunities for both managers and staff at its fantastic pubs across the south of England. Our pubs are all distinctive and characterful, and we believe that our staff are our most valuable asset - helping to ensure that our customers have a truly excellent experience whenever they visit us.

We know that working in a pub is hard work and we try to make it rewarding and enjoyable. We believe that the key people working for us, whether they are our managers, chefs or head office staff are given share options. We also offer monthly profit share schemes for pub managers, and encourage them to run the pub in an entrepreneurial way. Other staff. such as assistant managers and chefs, are given weekly targets so they can achieve bonuses as well. We believe that all this helps our pubs become more individual, characterful and distinctive, and separates us from the pubs run by the tightly controlled corporate pub companies.

We like all our managers and staff to come up with their own ideas for generating more business and are given a large amount of autonomy to do so. This autonomy helps give a real sense of ownership, which in turn helps drive success and engenders a greater sense of loyalty and satisfaction.

We are a rapidly expanding business always on the look out for good managers who can make a real difference, as well as head chefs, assistant managers and other bar and kitchen staff. If you are interested in working for us, please contact us or email the pub you are specifically interested in directly. We look forward to hearing from you.

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The City Pub Company East and City Pub Company West were set up in December 2011 by three entrepreneurs from the pub and drinks world; David Bruce, the original creator of the Firkin pubs, Clive Watson, who together with David built up and ultimately sold the Capital Pub Company in London, and John Roberts, formarly MD at Fuller’s. The three have successfully raised a total of £28m (£14m into each Company) from four fund raises under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) in order to invest in some truly excellent pubs - most of which are freehold with others on long free of tie leases. We were delighted that all of these fundraising rounds were significantly oversubscribed, including the last round in December 2013.

The City Pub Companies have their own management structures and CEO's; Rupert Clark heads The City Pub Company East and Alex Derrick the City Pub Company West - both are highly talented and experienced retailers, and former executives with the highly successful Capital Pub Company. Both CEO's bring great vision and excellent retail skills to ensure all our pubs are managed very individually to the highest standards.

Contact Us

Please contact us for any questions relating to investment, employment or any other matter connected to The City Pub Company. We would be delighted to hear from you